Chelsea Avard at Spoke N Slurred

Sunday 24th November 2019
5:30pm – 9:30pm

Brick City Bar
73 Grenfell Street, Adelaide

You’ve heard her on the mic, you’ve seen her through your half closed eyes at the bar, now witness her SnS debut…

Chelsea Avard is a writer from Adelaide. She is co-editor of the short fiction and poetry anthology The Body. She holds a PhD from The University of Adelaide, where she currently works as a program coordinator. Her short fiction and poetry has been included in a range of works including the Sleepers Almanac, anthologies by Wakefield Press, University of Philippines Press and Midnight Sun, and online publications Verity La and Red Fez. Her poem, ‘How We Stay’, won the 2017 Verandah Literary Award.

Free Entry
Spoken word open mic
Book raffle

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Paroxysm Press launches “Spitting Teeth”

Four brilliant authors in one amazing book: Paroxysm Press launches SPITTING TEETH.

Friday, November 8th, 2019.
UniBar, University of Adelaide.

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ISBN 9781876502249
$19.00 Aus. ($15 at the launch); $13.00 USD; 10.00 GBP; 12.00 EUR.
Available retail from 9/11/2019.
Adelaide stores include Dymocks Rundle Mall, Dymocks Glenelg, Imprints Booksellers, Clarity Records and Streetlight.
Online will include Barnes and Noble, Book Depository and Amazon.

Ashlee Karlar

Ashlee Karlar is a spoken word poet, writer and social worker. A former competitor in the Australian poetry slam, a previous poet in residence and a regular feature performer at open mics across Adelaide, Ashlee’s poetry is a cocktail of satirical social commentary and self love odes. A tequila enthusiast, she is also known for her borderline obsessive love of cats.

Alison Paradoxx

Alison Paradoxx is a Producer, Performance Poet, Event Host, Peace Foundation Award Winner, Disability Advocate, and State Poetry Slam Champion. She has performed everywhere from The Sydney Opera House, to The Crown and Anchor.

Her first solo production, Floral Peroxide, sold out its 2019 Adelaide Fringe season, won an award, and received a grant to show interstate. She is still getting her head around that one. Alison is currently learning to play the musical saw. She also creates electronic sound art with her partner, 5000AD, and twelve of her vertebrae are made of titanium. Her hair is bigger than yours. She loves you for buying this book. Go make friends with her on Instagram @alison.paradoxx, Facebook or Web:

Chiara Gabrielli

Chiara Gabrielli is a queer artist living and working on Wurundjeri land. She has her fingers in many pies working as an actor, writer, theatre-maker and poet. Her mum is most proud of her work performing in the Ruby Award winning South Australian State Theatre Company’s production ‘Gorgon’, representing South Australia at the Sydney Opera House in the 2017 Australian National Poetry Slam, and being selected as the Adelaide City Library Poet in Residence. To be in the know on all her small gigs that make up an arts career, and also for just some gelati content, follow her on instagram at or on facebook artist page.


Nico is a finger guns poet who kicks arse, self doubts, loves a beer and isn’t afraid to tell you when you’re acting like an arsehole. Won a shit ton of money in a huge slam but is just too good to be fucked anymore.

Paroxysm Press at A Day of Clarity 2019

Paroxysm Press poets ripped up the Exeter Hotel upstairs during breaks between the punk band action at the 2019 Day of Clarity, 10th August, 2019.

Check out the killer performances by Nico, Caroline Reid, Kami, Nadia Patterson, Kerryn Tredrea and Daydream Fever.

Peach Klimkiewicz at Spoke N Slurred

Brick City Bar
73 Grenfell Street, Adelaide

Sunday, 28th April, 2019
5:30 – 9:00 pm

Peach is a poet. He also runs spoken word events. And he’s friendly.

If you haven’t yet witnessed his magic on the mic stop being such a wanker and come to this gig.

PLUS a surprise visitor soon to be announced.

Free Entry
Spoken word open mic
$5 tinnies
$7 imperial pints
Drink special of the month TBA
Book raffle

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Photograph: Martin Christmas

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Yes, we know that the website is not working well at the moment, and is sometimes not available. The problem is complicated and largely outside our control. However, we hope to have a solution soon. Thanks for your patience…

Southwark Slab Slam

Saturday, 16th March, 2019
7:00 – 9:30pm

Southwark Hotel
77 Port Road, Thebarton

Welcome to another loose, fun and beer driven poetry slam at the ever friendly and welcoming Southwark Hotel. Open to all to compete and we find the judges from the audience.

First prize: $50 and half a carton of beer.
Second prize: 2 Paroxysm Press books and a six pack.
Third prize: 1 Paroxysm Press book and a six pack.

While it is all ages friendly to a degree, just be aware that this is a Paroxysm Press gig with the punks of poetry and adult language and concepts could break out at any time (not least at all from our MC).

7.00pm sign up (20 people max.) for 7.30 start.

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Paroxysm Press at the Fringe – The Showcase Series: Round 3

Round 3 of the Paroxysm Press Showcase Series!

Saturday 2nd March, 2019
7:00 – 8:30pm

Broadcast Bar
66A Grote Street, Adelaide

Hayden‘s poetry is a lot like online dating: has tried a few things but can never settle down with the one. Inspired by life and rap music, loves a bit of word play.

A feminist ode enthusiast and Australian Poetry slam alumna, Ashlee is the epitome of an Instagram poet who likes writing love letters on white backgrounds. With a penchant for writing poetry based around vaginas and/or tequila, Ashlee was hailed by Cat Lady Weekly as the “One to watch, 2018.”

Hop Dac is a writer and editor who has worked with Kill Your Darlings, the Australian Crime Writers Association, and of course, Paroxysm Press. He’s currently writing a speculative fiction novel. He has recently had to move to Geelong, which isn’t as shit as he first thought.

Peach seeks to tell the truth and doesn’t mind lying on his way there. 2017 saw Peach release his first book of poetry, ‘When We Were Young’, and last August he featured at the Perth Poetry Festival. This is the second time Peach has lined up for a Paroxysm Fringe event.

“I like to think of my performances as a small over-priced tub of Ben’n’Jerry’s Chunky Monkey. I don’t imagine that helps but I find it funny”. Steve Smart.

Piers Diprose is an undercover FBI agent masquerading as a singer songwriter. He has been entrusted the top secret mission of supervising crash-landed mars girl Amelia Walker, and acclimatising her to the ways of the human race. A feel-scared comedy the whole family would do best to avoid. Rated M15+ for questionable themes and occasional coarse language.

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Paroxysm Press at the Fringe – The Showcase Series: Round 2

For Round 2 of the Paroxysm Press Showcase Series, we give you “The Random Sequence”.

Saturday 23rd February, 2019
7:00 – 8:30pm

Broadcast Bar
66A Grote Street, Adelaide

Kathy Parker is many things; most of which will never amount to anything, but that’s never stopped her from giving her best 40 percent effort anyway. Recently she traded her Netflix addiction for a therapist and has been delighted to see how both her productivity and drinking have increased. She writes poems about her effed-up life so others will feel better about theirs and is forever in search of sleep and black market gin.

Servo-clerk, festival cash wrangler and occasional research assistant, with honors in English and History, Ben Adams also occasionally scribbles poetry and other things, including a stint as speechwriter for bleeding-heart Roman Emperor Claudius in 48AD during his wittily barbed address to Rome’s Senate urging the admittance of new Gallic immigrants by that esteemed institution. Ben remains skeptically hopeful of the empire’s ability to foster a peaceful, diverse and cosmopolitan society, despite current setbacks.6 Feb. at 2:07 pm

Tracey Korsten mostly uses poetry as a way to stave off the existential dread of on-line dating. The highlight of her portfolio career was once sitting as President on a Darts Appeal Tribunal. She is currently working on a screenplay and on getting her shit together. Neither project is looking crash hot at this juncture.

The Half Artist was born from a voluntary inability to be satisfied artistically. It is best to not approach him without an offer of an alcoholic beverage. Full strength beer is optimal.

Dick Dale has ate 10 dozen oysters in one sitting, kicked pop singer, Henry Rollins out of his gutter and bumbled his way through a few spoken word events. He has sung and been hospitalized in more than a few high energy punk rock and hardcore musical groups and curated the nastiest short film program, Trasharama since 1997. His main passion though is through the medium of short silly films. Tonight he will bring you a selection from his home made classic video nasty library. brilliant!

Colin Bramwell is a Scotish stranger with a 5 star review. He is our surprise bomb. Miss him and you’ll be crying in your jocks.

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Paroxysm Press at the Fringe – The Showcase Series: Round 1.

To kick off the Paroxysm Press Showcase Series, we give you….

The Highbrow Edition (+ kami)

Saturday 16th February, 2019
7:00 – 8:30pm

Broadcast Bar
66A Grote Street, Adelaide

Caroline Reid‘s bios are frequently invaded by phrases from failed poems like: If I shat champagne .. Dirty patch of carpet cock for breakfast .. and Super-size my liver, Ernest.

Now that he’s an old bloke, Ian Gibbins is grateful for: (1) still being alive; (2) quantum mechanics; (3) the various nooks and crannies in the universe where his stuff finds a home; and (4) all of this.

Heather McGinn is a queer spinster frightbat academic who wants to bang Howard Moon. She enjoys poetry, popcorn, and privacy and dreams of a world where Dianne Di Prima sells more books than E. L. James.

Kami is self taught, self funded, self centred, self abusive and self destructive. He shouts at clouds a lot and is currently suing matt groening for stealing his character.

Clapped-out sci-fi robot “Sean Williams” is due to crash back to Earth with a novel set in the present day about heavy metal, hearing loss and heartbreak. Normal service will resume shortly.

Heather Taylor Johnson‘s books have been discussed on ABC’s Book Club with Jennifer Byrne and in the New York Times Review of Books, which both amazes and surprises her since her publishers insist that no one is reading them. She currently has three manuscripts that no one wants and still doesn’t get the hint. She’s considering asking her partner and children to pretend they are many different people and give her positive reviews on Goodreads but isn’t quite sure she’s ready to rock that boat.

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Paroxysm Press at the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival – The Showcase Series

Photo from the Beat Museum, San Francisco.

Saturdays, 16 and 23 February, 2 March, 2019
Broadcast Bar
66A Grote Street, Adelaide
7:00 – 8:30pm

Over 3 huge nights, we present 18 of the best underground authors, artists and spoken word performers. Their work comes to the stage tight, slick and hard hitting with a stubborn desire to entertain. New work, Paroxysm favourites and a few surprises, it is the best value entertainment in the Fringe. If poetry has a punk scene, you’ll find it here.

Paroxysm Press rose from the gutter of the Australian music scene in 1998. It’s been fighting tooth and nail ever since to publish the type of hard edge, honest and high impact writing we all love and live for ourselves.

Poetry and prose, ‘shotgun’ fiction, rapid-read novellas; tight, slick, hard hitting spoken word that can hold the stage and keep an audience on their toes even in front of hundreds of drunken music fans. The Paroxysm Crew carry with them a passion, a stubborn anger and a strong awareness of their need to entertain that sees them now amongst the best authors this country has to offer.

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Paroxysm Press, too stubborn to die.