Yes, our poets and writers speak… and they get recorded sometimes onto CD.

You can buy them from Australian Music Books or  by clicking on the titles.



40 tracks from 10 spoken word artists, recorded live in Adelaide in 1999 (apart from Stewart Home).

KAMI – The Key To The Door Only Fits The Lavatory Lock / Fear Of Failure / I’m A Man (Yes I Am) / Confidant / For Beth / A True Story / Saturday Night / Give Us Our Bread / The Aesthetics Of Waving My Dick In Your Face / Fast Forward – Lumps Of Gravy (Parts 1, 2 & 3)

PETER BADAVNIK – The Day Begins / Earl Grey Mornings / Jules

TIM GAZE – God Save The Queen / Kancil Caught By Crocodile / Cinema 1

TONY GRUDGE – Harley T-Shirts

MICHAEL HIER – New Years Eve / Epitaph / Polly #3 / An Offer Too Good To Refuse / I’m Going To Leave My Wife For My Fucked Up Junkie Girlfriend Dolores Just To Prove That I’m A Real Artist / Honesty Is The Best Policy / The Theory Of Relativity In Artificial Light

STEWART HOME – Cheap Night Out

BEN KEARVALL – Fake Tattoos And Songs By Jennifer Love Hewitt / Putting Ally McBeal Through A Window

PAUL NASSARI – Silence In The Chamber / Body Part / Motion Sickness / Straws For The Fishtank / Things

KERRYN TREDREA – From Over Here / Stud Boy

LUKE WHITBY – Throw The Switch / God Is Coming / Ampule 5

Released in Australia in 2000 (Paroxysm Press PAR002CD).