A chill, easy going, (not to be take too seriously) poetry slam at a great old pub.

Friday December 15th from 7pm until 10.00pm (sign up at 7.30).

The Southwark Hotel. 77 Port Road Thebarton (A FREE tram ride from the city).

First prize consists of a slab of beer, $50 and a copy of two Paroxysm Press books; ‘Signals’ by Michael Hier and ‘American Blowjob’ by Teri Louise Kelly.

And while it is ‘winner takes all’ EVERY entrant gets a FREE copy of the book ‘American Blowjob’.

It’s a FREE entry event and it is FREE to compete in the slam. There will be a book raffle run on the day.

All the rules are the same for the Australian Poetry Slam except for the following:

A three minute time limit (rather than two).
You can use material previously performed in another slam.
You can use props (but not play musical instruments).

AND meals at the Southwark can be ordered until 8pm.

paroxysm: (n) a sudden strong feeling or expression of an emotion that cannot be controlled

Paroxysm Press: (n) Australian publisher of the extreme and unusual