Paroxysm Press at the Fringe – The Showcase Series: Round 1.

To kick off the Paroxysm Press Showcase Series, we give you….

The Highbrow Edition (+ kami)

Saturday 16th February, 2019
7:00 – 8:30pm

Broadcast Bar
66A Grote Street, Adelaide

Caroline Reid‘s bios are frequently invaded by phrases from failed poems like: If I shat champagne .. Dirty patch of carpet cock for breakfast .. and Super-size my liver, Ernest.

Now that he’s an old bloke, Ian Gibbins is grateful for: (1) still being alive; (2) quantum mechanics; (3) the various nooks and crannies in the universe where his stuff finds a home; and (4) all of this.

Heather McGinn is a queer spinster frightbat academic who wants to bang Howard Moon. She enjoys poetry, popcorn, and privacy and dreams of a world where Dianne Di Prima sells more books than E. L. James.

Kami is self taught, self funded, self centred, self abusive and self destructive. He shouts at clouds a lot and is currently suing matt groening for stealing his character.

Clapped-out sci-fi robot “Sean Williams” is due to crash back to Earth with a novel set in the present day about heavy metal, hearing loss and heartbreak. Normal service will resume shortly.

Heather Taylor Johnson‘s books have been discussed on ABC’s Book Club with Jennifer Byrne and in the New York Times Review of Books, which both amazes and surprises her since her publishers insist that no one is reading them. She currently has three manuscripts that no one wants and still doesn’t get the hint. She’s considering asking her partner and children to pretend they are many different people and give her positive reviews on Goodreads but isn’t quite sure she’s ready to rock that boat.

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