PAROXYSM TOPS IT OFF! Adelaide Fringe festival 2018

For the 2018 Adelaide Fringe Festival, we’re paying spoken word tribute to the things that matter to you. Making a very Paroxysm list of the top 12 (or so) we have gathered a stellar line up of Australian talent to interpret the…




Limited open mike (60 sec) – must be to theme.

Gate 1 @ Tuxedo Cat,
Broadcast Bar,
66A Grote St, Adelaide

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Chiara Gabrielli at Spoke n Slurred

Sunday 28th January 2018
5:30 – 9:30

Brick City Bar
73 Grenfell Street Adelaide


While Chiara Gabrielli has performed at some big Paroxysm Press events including a Neil Hamburger supporting spot and at ‘Too Stubborn To Die’ this is her first time as feature at Spoke n Slurred. But many of you would know her better from her various kick arse performances in poetry slams including runner up for S.A. at the 2017 Australian Poetry Slam that saw her competing at the national final in the Sydney Opera House.

Drinks special to be announced!

Cheap booze
Kick arse raffle prizes
FREE entry
Open mic

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Paroxysm Poetry Preload – NYE Spoke n Slurred

Need to preload on cheap drinks for your New Years?

Can’t be fucked putting on a party?

Just can’t get enough dodgy poetry in your life?

Well… we have the answer… an all open mic, seat of the pants spoken word gig. And yeah we know it’s last minute and we didn’t think we were gonna. But fuck it hey?

New Year’s Eve, 31st December
Brick City Bar
73 Grenfell Street, Adelaide
5:30pm – ???

FREE entry / Cheap drinks / Book raffle / Open mic.

Link to Facebook event here.




A chill, easy going, (not to be take too seriously) poetry slam at a great old pub.

Friday December 15th from 7pm until 10.00pm (sign up at 7.30).

The Southwark Hotel. 77 Port Road Thebarton (A FREE tram ride from the city).

First prize consists of a slab of beer, $50 and a copy of two Paroxysm Press books; ‘Signals’ by Michael Hier and ‘American Blowjob’ by Teri Louise Kelly.

And while it is ‘winner takes all’ EVERY entrant gets a FREE copy of the book ‘American Blowjob’.

It’s a FREE entry event and it is FREE to compete in the slam. There will be a book raffle run on the day.

All the rules are the same for the Australian Poetry Slam except for the following:

A three minute time limit (rather than two).
You can use material previously performed in another slam.
You can use props (but not play musical instruments).

AND meals at the Southwark can be ordered until 8pm.

paroxysm: (n) a sudden strong feeling or expression of an emotion that cannot be controlled

Paroxysm Press: (n) Australian publisher of the extreme and unusual

Spoke n Slurred, featuring Hayden Maddigan: 26th November, Brick City Bar

Hayden Maddigan is one of the newer faces on the scene but every time he hits the mic you can see his skills sharpening. From slams to dive bars; he’s rocked them all. This was absolutely the time for the man to get his own gig.

Brick City Bar
73 Grenfell St, Adelaide
5:30 – 9:30 pm.

And in honour of Hayden’s first feature spot at Spoke N Slurred, The Brick City Bar are doing a great drink special – $6 Sailor Jerry (Rum) and Coke.

Come get under the weather with us…

Cheap booze
Kick arse raffle prizes
FREE entry
Open mic

Paroxysm supports “NEIL HAMBURGER” !!!


It’s official! A combo of Paroxysm talent will open the Adelaide show on the national tour of ‘America’s Funnyman’ NEIL HAMBURGER!

And supporting him on this tour will be done other than long time Paroxysm ally, ‘Australia’s premier parlour magician / social commentator’ Dr. El Suavo. The Paroxysm line-up for the evening is Kami, Alison Bennett, Chiara Gabrielli and Jason ‘Half Artist’.

Friday 10th November, 7:00pm
Broadcast Bar
66A Grote St, Adelaide

Click here to buy tickets ($26).

Spoke n Slurred, featuring Sarah Pearce: 29th October, Brick City Bar

Sarah Pearce is one of those annoying people who just start doing spoken word and are already better than you. Come experience the talent and hurl some jealousy-laden heckling abuse with me. Oh – and she’s won some slams and shit as well.

Sunday 29th October
5:30pm – 9:30pm

Brick City Bar
73 Grenfell St, Adelaide

Come get loose with us. And some pretty cool news coming up regarding Adelaide publisher, Wakefield Press.

Cheap booze.
Kick arse raffle prizes.
FREE entry.
Open mic.

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Photo: Noa Gfrerer Photography

Paroxysm Album Tribute – Guns N’ Roses “Appetite for Destruction”

Thursday, 19th October, 7:00 – 10:00pm

Broadcast Bar, 66 Grote St, Adelaide


Appetite for Destruction is the infamous debut album from iconic 80s band Guns N’ Roses. From its controversial cover art to its list of hits, Paroxysm Press gets hard with this album tribute.

With a stellar line up of hard core spoken word artists writing fresh, original work this is a gig that’s not to be missed.

Plus you get to pop the cherry on a brand new venue.
$10 entry / Cheap Drinks / Support the Arts!!

Appetite for Destruction

Side I

Hayden Maddigan – Welcome to the Jungle
Kelly Cusack – It`s So Easy
Matthew Smith – Night Train
Em Wyatt – Out to Get Me
Khail Jureidini – Mr. Brownstone
Kami – Paradise City

Side II

Hayden Maddigan – My Michelle
Kelly Cusack – Think About You
Matthew Smith – Sweet Child O Mine
Em Wyatt – You`re Crazy
Khail Jureidini – Anything Goes
Kami – Rocket Queen

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