Paroxysm Album Tribute Gig : Changesonebowie (1976)


This time we are taking CHANGESONEBOWIE and mashing the tracks with a stellar line up of spoken word artists to give you the freshest, most inspired writing on the scene. Each artist will give their spin on a track from this best-of album chosen by the man himself and encapsulating his early career, so sure to cover many people’s favourite Bowie songs.

The night will also include bonus tracks, interstate guest and hard core Bowie fan Meg Dunn and some very special acoustic Bowie covers from Pete Howlett and Piers Diprose.

Sunday August 6th, 6:00pm start
Brick City Bar
73 Grenfell St, Adelaide

$10 Entry
Cheap Drinks
For one night only!

Changesonebowie (1976)

side i
Ian Gibbins – space oddity
Heather McGinn – john im only…
Simon Gray – changes
Kerryn Tredrea – ziggy stardust
Bryan Lynagh – suffragette city
Sarah Pearce – the jean genie

side ii
Ian Gibbins – diamond dogs
Heather McGinn – rebel rebel
Simon Gray – young americans
Kerryn Tredrea – fame
Bryan Lynagh – golden years
bonus track: Sarah Pearce – let’s dance.

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Spoke N Slurred featuring Ashlee Karlar, 25th June at Brick City Bar

Brick City Bar
73 Grenfell St, Adelaide
Sunday, 25th June, 2017
5:50 – 8:30 pm.


From slams to pub gigs. From libraries to… pub gigs, we bring you the compelling, explosive and fashion conscious Ashlee Karlar.

She has been absolutely kicking arse in the local scene in recent times.

Last month we gave you ‘the beast’ now it’s time for ‘the beauty’.

Catch some of Ashlee in action (with others) at the recent and quite massive “A Day of Clarity”.

And of course…

open mic
raffle prizes

Too Stubborn To Die: the vid…

On 27th May, Paroxysm Press hosted a mighty fine show of spoken word performances at Jive in celebration of staying alive and active for a surprisingly long time. Here is a vid sampling the best of the night. It’s about 20 minutes long, but all quality.

Featuring, in order, Ben Kearvell, Jason Smith, Chiara Gabrieli, Michael Hier, Red Kelly, Kerryn Tredrea, Nico, Kami McInnes and Alison Bennett, all held together by Daniel Watson.

More cuts to come…. [language warning!!]

Too Stubborn To Die: Paroxysm Press at Jive, 27th May 2017 from Ian Gibbins on Vimeo.

Hangover at Spoke N Slurred ( Daniel Watson )

Sunday, May 28 at 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Brick City Bar
73 Grenfell Street, Adelaide

After the mass-madness of ‘Too Stubborn To Die’ join us for the HANGOVER.

One crusty evening of hangovers and hair-of-the-dog.

Featuring flash fiction and short fiction from Paroxysm Press publisher DANIEL WATSON.

It’s our regular Spoke N Slurred (now at The Brick City Bar). And hey – not everyone can make it to Jive on Saturday night. OR see both gigs in a weekend of wild. Be inspired by Saturday night then join us here on the open mic and show us what you’ve got.



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Too Stubborn To Die

Saturday 27th May
7:30 – 11:00 pm

181 Hindley Street, Adelaide

$10, 18+


Since 1998 Paroxysm Press has been hammering out the words in print and on the mic.

There have been more authors and artists than we can count – many no longer with us on this big, beautiful brewery we call Earth.

Now witness everyone from old schoolers (including two ’98 originals) right up to a crop of cocky ‘kids’ who’ve been killing it on the mic around Adelaide in recent years.


MC Daniel Watson

Prepare to be entertained, surprised and probably offended. This one is the shit. Don’t miss out.

At 11:30 stay on to see Gosh! live.

Click here for more info.