Nicki Bullock at Spoke N Slurred

Sunday 30th October 2022
from 5:30pm

Broadcast Bar
66A Grote Street, Adelaide

Nicki Bullock is also known as Dirty Nickers, possibly for her dirty mind or dirty mouth or variety of reasons we won’t go in to here, or mayhap because she is not afraid of dirty laundry, saying the things others prefer to remain unspoken, airing the secrets you are not supposed to talk of, abhorring censorship and this easily offended culture – for giving respect is different from taking offense; something that seems grossly misinterpreted these days. Her anger at the fuckedupedness of the world comes from a place of love for all the awesomeness; ‘in loving anger’ being the the theme of her ever-unfinished album she is working on and her current spoken word performance she will deliver. Unable to stay in any box, she has been given a vast array of labels: a happy psychedelic hillbilly; a foul-mouthed, crass punk; bike-riding brat; an idealistic hippy and acid-casualty artist; a rainbow explosion of chaos – ever evolving, defying description, spitting out words on stage is a rarer thing for Dirty Nickers these days, this Spoken Slurred will be her first spoken word performance of the year and she’s got lots of love and anger for you.

>> FREE entry 
>> open mic 
>> book raffle 
>> … beer

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