Cover Band Each Other at Spoke N Slurred!

Sunday, 30th December, 2018
5:30 – 9:00 pm

Brick City Bar
73 Grenfell Street, Adelaide

Join us for our ‘Somewhere between Xmas and New Years non-extravaganza’ where we do things just a little differently…

No guest performer this time around. But instead everyone who hits the mic needs to also get a piece to read / perform from someone else in the room. Either try to do justice to the original style or do it YOUR way (whatever that may be). You can prepare with a ‘partner’ in advance or just grab something from someone else on the night (but ask first – play nice children).

Free Entry
Spoken word open mic (w/ ‘Cover Band’ feature)
$5 tinnies
$7 imperial pints
Drink special to be announced
Book raffle

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