Yes, our poets and writers speak… and they get recorded sometimes onto CD.

You can buy them from Australian Music Books or  by clicking on the titles.

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40 tracks from 10 spoken word artists, recorded live in Adelaide in 1999 (apart from Stewart Home).

KAMI – The Key To The Door Only Fits The Lavatory Lock / Fear Of Failure / I’m A Man (Yes I Am) / Confidant / For Beth / A True Story / Saturday Night / Give Us Our Bread / The Aesthetics Of Waving My Dick In Your Face / Fast Forward – Lumps Of Gravy (Parts 1, 2 & 3)

PETER BADAVNIK – The Day Begins / Earl Grey Mornings / Jules

TIM GAZE – God Save The Queen / Kancil Caught By Crocodile / Cinema 1

TONY GRUDGE – Harley T-Shirts

MICHAEL HIER – New Years Eve / Epitaph / Polly #3 / An Offer Too Good To Refuse / I’m Going To Leave My Wife For My Fucked Up Junkie Girlfriend Dolores Just To Prove That I’m A Real Artist / Honesty Is The Best Policy / The Theory Of Relativity In Artificial Light

STEWART HOME – Cheap Night Out

BEN KEARVALL – Fake Tattoos And Songs By Jennifer Love Hewitt / Putting Ally McBeal Through A Window

PAUL NASSARI – Silence In The Chamber / Body Part / Motion Sickness / Straws For The Fishtank / Things

KERRYN TREDREA – From Over Here / Stud Boy

LUKE WHITBY – Throw The Switch / God Is Coming / Ampule 5

Released in Australia in 2000 (Paroxysm Press PAR002CD).[/su_column][/su_row]