20 Years of Paroxysm Press – Guest Performers

Here’s some of the action from the ‘20 Years of Paroxysm Press‘ gig held at the Broadcast Bar, 11th August, 2018.

Brilliant spoken word from Alison Bennett, Nico and Kami and a little history behind Paroxysm from a drunken publisher, Daniel Watson. Vid made by Ian Gibbins.

Paroxysm Press simply refuses to die; we will not back down, we will not go away. Every year we get bigger, every year we expand our audience and (most importantly) our much valued, much loved cult following. Like-minded writers from around the world now gather here with us to fight for the power of words. Bigger name authors stand by our side even when the rewards are less than they can receive elsewhere because they too believe in the hard, tough, true to life material we publish. They see Paroxysm fight against a world it can never beat – but they stay anyway – because they can see the fire in our eyes.